Zah holdings


“It’s not arrogance, I just have broad shoulders. At Zah Holdings we know what we’re doing and in everything we do, we do it Strategically,  Creatively and Differently. You should try us!”

– Thabi, CEO and Founder of Zah Holdings

Zah Holdings approaches every project with meticulous attention to detail and obsessive precision. Regardless of size and scope, we treat your event like a business with clear strategic goals, defined milestones, and a comprehensive plan to ensure that your event is delivered on time and on budget.

Our model works best when you allow us to become more than just the “hired help” and instead consider us a  strategic event management partner.

Leave the planning and management to us. We will look after the details and the heavy lifting that comes with planning a professional event.

So relax, run your business and we’ll run your event.