During its inception in 2013, we marketed Zah Holdings as an advertising and event management company. With the introduction of Pink as a division, our primary focus is concerned with promoting a variety of creative endeavours specific to women and female empowerment.

The concept of “ Pink Tax” refers to the general tendency for products specifically marketed and targeted towards women to be priced higher and more expensive to similar products marketed for men.

Introducing Pink…minus the “tax”, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zah Holdings. Derived from the phenomenon of Pink Tax, we decided to look at how to positively shift that narrative. Enter Pink.

Our Vision is to remind women of who they are and teach young girls about who they can be using the power of words and positive reinforcement, workshops and mentorship programs. Ultimately our mission is to let every woman know that it is important to maintain her own sense of worth irrespective of what her definition of  the word is. 

Through a series of partnerships and mentorship programs aimed at empowering women and girl children we aim to stimulate and inspire new ideas for engagement and businesses.

Driven by events and initiatives aimed at upskilling, investing and creating opportunities for women, through shared skills, experience and knowledge, it is our belief at Pink, that it’s time for women to start fixing each other’s crowns.

As such with targeted, intentional, strategic initiatives and campaigns, our goal is to assist women to connect and network with like minded women in similar industries through fun, inspiring mentorship driven events and experiences. .

Ultimately we aim to drive projects forward that will assist other aspiring female entrepreneurs with the funding, skills and expertise needed to start building and growing their own stories and businesses and plant those seeds forward to the next generation. We want to see women empowered and geared to help grow South Africa’s economy. Creating jobs, building their own brands and industries. 


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